Your trusted jewellery store since 1955.   

20832 Lougheed Highway, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 2R3 Canada
Phone: 604.467.6861

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diamond smallTrust
We have proven for over half a century that Hammond Jewellers is the place you can trust for honest prices, true quality and exceptional service to care for your jewellery when repairs are needed.  Building a relationship with our community and our customers is the heart of Hammond Jewellers.

diamond smallTruly Fair Pricing
Having ridden the waves of a shifting economy, we believe that a business is built not by luring people in with large percentages off of overly priced jewellery, but through the long term of providing steady, fair prices that people can trust.

diamond smallExceptional Customer Service
We have built our family owned and operated businesses through caring for our customers. We have two staff members that have been at Hammond Jewellers for 21 years and 19 years. There is a sense of connectedness when people come in Hammond Jewellers. We know each other and that helps us care for our customers.

diamond smallQuality Product
We believe it is important to provide a wide range of product so as to accommodate the socio-economic diversity of Maple Ridge. Regardless of the price point, however, we do our best to ensure that whatever product we offer it has quality and is accurately assessed so our customers can trust what they purchase is true to its declaration.